Part of a diverse team working on a game?

Looking for funding for your project?


What is WINGS?

  • WINGS is a new venture looking to support games by diverse teams, starting with games made by women and gender minority developers.

  • We help by funding games from early to late stage of development.

  • Our selection committee is made of international industry professionals.

What kind of games do we fund?

  • The committee places emphasis on the fact that diverse talents are at key creative or technical positions in the team. They also look at content excellence, innovation, and market appeal.

  • We primarily fund PC and console games.

Will you receive feedback on your game?

We do not provide written feedback to make the review-time by our committee as optimized as possible. Giving developer feedback is optional when discussing their decision and we believe that without a clear feedback structure it would be inconsistent and not to par with what a normal playtest could provide.

How do you apply?

Email us for more information on how to apply and get your game reviewed by our committee.